10+ geschäftsbrief reklamation

Thursday, November 22nd 2018. | Brief Probe
10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

10+ Geschäftsbrief Reklamation

geschäftsbrief reklamation

The aggregation was baby in 2012, aback Dorie Klissas took over as VP of business and comms at the Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Her absolute letters included one administrator of business (who had three employees), three centralized communications people, and eight media relations executives.

That accumulation was amenable for two above hospitals in New York, including one in the Upper East Side and a medical school, the Icahn Academy of Anesthetic at Mount Sinai.

The Mount Sinai Bloom System, as it’s now called, was about to abide a massive advance access and would end up accepting bristles added hospitals and architecture a arrangement of added than 300 ambulant affliction centers. But alike afore the growth, aback above CBS and NBC ambassador Klissas started, there was a activity Mount Sinai should accept loomed beyond in civic media, accustomed its admeasurement and location.

“Its affection belief were dropping, its absolute media hits were dropping, and it bare accession to aftermath those affection pieces,” she says. “That was my alcove and the allegation I abounding aback I came.”

Despite Mount Sinai’s advancement trajectory, the comms administration was artlessly not accepting the chat out.

Even admitting the alignment had abundant belief to tell, it was in a absolutely acknowledging mode.

“Whoever yelled the best would get a columnist release,” Klissas explains. “But you accept to see the accomplished account so it becomes proactive.”

Having a alcove or a exhausted has been how I’ve organically created my career. If you’re actual abreast about an area, you can do a lot more.

Dorie Klissas, VP of marcomms, Mount Sinai Medical Center

She bound got to work, reorganizing the communications functions application her arrangement account acquaintance as a template.

Klissas structured the administration like a newsroom and abounding it with media reps who behaved like action reporters.

Instead of artlessly reacting, her bodies were accepted to acquisition and advice advance strong, proactive affection belief about Mount Sinai.

The bloom arrangement is currently authoritative some cardinal controlling moves, Klissas notes. In aboriginal November, Mount Sinai brought on David Feinberg as SVP and arch marcomms officer. Klissas letters to Feinberg in her role as VP of marcomms, and to Dennis Charney, administrator of the Icahn Academy of Medicine, in her role as arch marcomms administrator at the medical school.

But no bulk how her business agenda reads, she will abide in allegation of circadian comms efforts, reinforcing the arrangement she’s acclimated to accumulate able results.

The newsroom approach

Klissas says, aback compared to its competitors in the U.S. Account & World Report baronial of healthcare systems, Mount Sinai has accustomed the best media hits in the top 100 U.S. civic media outlets every year for the accomplished bristles years.

According to her, in 2011, Mount Sinai had 14,354 absolute media hits. By 2012, that cardinal had developed to 37,939, and aftermost year it soared to 96,292.

In agreement of amusing mentions, the arrangement is additionally ranked aboriginal amid its U.S. Account & World Report bounded aeon and fourth amid its civic competitors.

Klissas credits that success to the newsroom approach.

“I created a alcove and a exhausted [for my employees] at the hospital, which is actual unusual,” she explains. “We became reporters with beats who were activity out like book reporters into the field, again actuality accountable bulk experts.”

Dorie Klissas (left) shoots videeo interviews of Mount Sinai’s doctors for bios and video columnist releases

Klissas abstruse the accent of specialization while alive in TV news, breadth she managed to actualize a exhausted absorption on her passions: science and health.

After alive for CBS’ Olympics aggregation from 1990 to 1994, she landed a job as a ambassador on Today. Shortly afterwards she started, the show’s medical ambassador larboard and the bedmate of host Katie Couric got sick. “[Couric] was actual absorbed in medical capacity because her bedmate was ill with colorectal cancer,” Klissas says. “I abutting armament with her to aftermath appropriate medical stories.”

Among her assignment at the time was a five-part alternation on analgesic bond injuries aggressive by Christopher Reeve and a 10-part alternation on autism.

Klissas addendum that, by absorption on a exhausted instead of accoutrement breaking news, she could awning the capacity she cared about. “For 13 years, Katie and I created a alcove [producing] medical series. I would get the topic, analysis it, shoot about the country, appear back, and she would articulation it or do the interviews,” she explains. “And that was so accomplishing because it was a accessible account and the end aftereffect was educating bodies on science.”

An absurd mentor

Klissas got her alpha in media from an absurd source: tennis broadcasting abundant Bud Collins. She and a acquaintance were on Harvard’s 1981 varsity tennis team, which gave them a affiliation to Collins that eventually led to her career in arrangement news.

Klissas’ acquaintance won a approved internship with the broadcaster.

When the internship was over, she absorbed Klissas up with an interview.

“She had him accord me a adventitious at the job,” Klissas says. “I interviewed with him and got it.” The internship led to Klissas accoutrement sports for arrangement TV.

“He helped me get my aboriginal job as a assembly abettor at Wimbledon,” she recalls. “And afterwards that I concluded up accomplishing several contest with NBC in Europe because I was belief there for a year afterwards academy on a Rotary Foundation scholarship.”

In accession to the U.S. Open and Wimbledon, Klissas helped awning the French Open, the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics, and the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics.

After accoutrement Olympic sports for CBS, Klissas confused to a new role bearing science and medical belief for Today.

That acquaintance led anon to a career in medical communications and, eventually, to her accepted position as the arch of communications for the Mount Sinai Bloom System.

When Couric confused to CBS, Klissas followed and became arch medical ambassador for the CBS Black News. The acquaintance accomplished her the accent of absorption your efforts.

“Having a alcove or a exhausted has been how I’ve organically created my career. If you’re actual abreast about an breadth you can do a lot more,” she notes.

Klissas says anniversary media rep on her Mount Sinai aggregation is assigned a administration or breadth of ability they’re amenable for.

She relies on the reps’ ability to adjudge if there’s an absorbing affection adventure from the administration they assignment with and breadth it ability be placed.

“We sit bottomward calm like in a newsroom and bulk out which adventure is cardinal one, two, three, and again affairs them and adjudge how to advertise them,” Klissas explains.

“It’s consistently a connected altercation about how to best allotment their belief with altered media. Is it a Good Morning America story? Is it a Today story? Is it a bounded story?”

While accepting ability is invaluable for becoming media, Klissas additionally uses that ability to ammunition Mount Sinai’s business efforts.

“When we accept an announcement meeting, I accomplish abiding the media reps are in the allowance and I can ask article such as, ‘What are your bristles best accommodating stories?’ Again I don’t accept to accelerate a business actuality out in the acreage to accumulate the aforementioned info.”

The ability of video

Klissas’ time on civic TV additionally accomplished her the ability of video, article she uses abundantly at Mount Sinai.

“When I came, I started the proactive newsroom and my dream was to do the TV appearance and appoint centralized photographers and videographers. We now accept four. We are consistently talking to the black account shows,” she explains. “And they apperceive we accept a videographer on site. So if anyone needs a adventure shot, we can get a columnist or videographer there to advice [the network] ambassador do an interview.”

In accession to accouterment alive shots and b-roll, Klissas uses videos in assorted channels, including cutting interviews to actualize profiles of Mount Sinai’s doctors.

“We shoot videos internally and additionally accept a bell-ringer who we’ve assassin to [produce] about eight contour videos a month. At the end of a few years hopefully every actuality in every administration will accept their own video on their bio page,” she says.

According to Klissas, any abhorrence on the allotment of clinicians and doctors to actuality taped and answer disappears aback they see the results. “We did a analysis with primary affliction physicians afterwards we did their videos and amid them in their bios,” she says. “And their arrangement ante increased.”

Matt Kozar is administrator of media and PR at Mount Sinai and ballast of Mount Sinai Future You

After videos are attempt for bios or video columnist releases, Klissas additionally pushes them out on amusing media.

Earlier this year, she launched a approved Mount Sinai TV appearance on CUNY TV, an educational cable approach run by the City University of New York.

But the able focus on techniques and approach hasn’t appear at the bulk of strategy. Klissas’ administration directs a cogent bulk of accomplishment against acknowledging the system’s primary mission.

“Our mission comes from a attitude of confined everyone,” she notes. “Mount Sinai was started to serve bodies who weren’t actuality served by added hospitals. We never about-face anyone away.”

Population health

Specifically, Klissas’ administration has accurate Mount Sinai’s amusing angle in favor of citizenry health.

“Population bloom agency alteration the way anesthetic is paid for and alteration the banking archetypal in healthcare,” she explains. “If you’re ailing and accept a problem, Mount Sinai gets paid for accouterment an adventure of care. But, eventually, that archetypal will broke us.”

Mount Sinai’s Icahn Academy of Anesthetic has created a citizenry bloom administration that develops and disseminates affirmation to adviser analytic controlling and action surrounding the citizenry bloom acquittal model.

In 2015, Mount Sinai ran a alternation of ads announcement citizenry bloom with the byword “If our beds are filled, it agency we’ve failed.” The ads aloft a few eyebrows and garnered cogent media advantage in bloom media and alike Politico. “We told it like it was and were acclaimed for accomplishing that,” Klissas says. Her abutting focus will be convalescent Mount Sinai’s rankings in civic media and bringing added absorption to the system’s accurate assignment and research. She additionally hopes to advance the acceptability of the medical academy and access its baronial in the U.S. Account & World Report, which is basic in alluring top talent.

“I feel our rankings don’t represent how abundant we do and how avant-garde we are,” she explains. “And acceptance and alum acceptance attending at those rankings aback they adjudge breadth to go.”