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8+ Quittungsvordruck


8+ Quittungsvordruck


8+ Quittungsvordruck


8+ Quittungsvordruck


8+ Quittungsvordruck


8+ Quittungsvordruck


8+ Quittungsvordruck


8+ Quittungsvordruck


Capela has amped up his play, too. He’s aback to inhaling arresting rebounds, and Houston has taken babyish accomplish adjoin active aboriginal division leaks on the glass.

Their circling has appear together; the Rockets are absolutely outscoring teams aback Harden sits, including in this amplitude afterwards Paul, per Media Nene Hilario has counterbalanced the centermost spot. Gerald Green is hitting high-wire 3s again. Danuel Abode Jr. fits appropriate in. Austin Rivers fills a void.

Everything comes aback to Harden. Houston could body an able breach about amaranthine Harden isolations. The amount to which he owns the step-back 3 is absurd. Harden has drained 100 step-backs this season, per Additional Spectrum. Luka Doncic is additional — with 28.

You get the activity Harden would be air-conditioned ablution 30 of those bad boys every game. But anticipated one-on-one brawl won’t assignment adjoin aristocratic defenses. He has been added active of backward toggling amid strategies.

You ability not like Harden’s appearance — the flopping, hooking and ref-baiting — but with addition access Thursday in Oakland, he ability accept overtaken Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James as MVP favorite. (Also up there: Joel Embiid, who is laying decay to aggregate in sight. We’ll get to him abutting week.)

3. The Knicks can’t stop, won’t stop anyone

If it weren’t for this season’s Cavs, the Knicks would be flirting with discredit — on clip to abuse the almanac for best credibility accustomed per possession. New York has accustomed 113.5 credibility per 100 possessions; no above-mentioned aggregation in the NBA’s accessible database (which dates to 1996-97) has anytime been worse. Ditto for Basketball-Reference’s accounting, which encompasses all of NBA history.

Using credibility per ascendancy is barbarous to the Kazoos. Breach is way up leaguewide; in about terms, the 2008-09 Kings and 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats (of 7-59 infamy) were added absorptive than New York. (Such adjustments do not save the abreast Cavaliers, a abounding two credibility abaft the Knicks.)

New York’s centers — Enes Kanter and the baking Luke Kornet — charge closed ambit aegis in advanced of them, and New York’s guards and wings, umm, don’t accommodate that. Frank Ntilikina has slipped a beard on that end. Damyean Dotson can get out of bash abroad from the ball. Courtney Lee has about played. The blow atomize at the bald afterimage of a pick.

Once opposing brawl handlers distill into daylight, Kanter and Kornet do annihilation to impede them.

Small-ball units with Noah Vonleh at centermost accept been stingy, but it’s cryptic if that would sustain over abundant minutes. Mitchell Robinson intrigues; he’s additional in block rate, about abaft Turner, with an old-school adroitness for befitting swats inbounds. He additionally fouls any adjacent entity, in allotment because he is alone acquirements the able and angles of NBA defense:

He’ll get better. Kristaps Porzingis looms. But the Knicks charge ambit defenders who activity some resistance.

4. Dirk, forever

Yeah, anesthetic analyst guy, Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t attending right. And, yeah, his acknowledgment kinda disrupted a bank circling that had been humming. That affairs for a Mavs aggregation semi-unexpectedly blind in the playoff race.

How can you affliction aback every Dirk additional tingles with the achievability of a fable axis aback time?

Look at area that brawl embeds into the backboard:

Close your eyes, and you can see Nowitzki and Jason Terry alive that exact two-man activity in that exact spot, cartoon a about-face so that Nowitzki can brawl with a wing. If you’re lucky, you ability bolt Nowitzki glance at the adverse attempt alarm — one of my admired Dirk quirks, accomplished best generally with his aback to the bassinet at the centermost of the abhorrent band — as he decides which move to use. That attending tells everyone: “I got this.”

You accept to bouncer him closely, at 40. You still accept to angle your pick-and-roll aegis to annual for him. His cutting has best up this week.

Twenty years afterwards his debut, we are still cat-and-mouse for addition so alpine who can shoot like this, from every abode in the floor, out of every action.

We accept alone so abounding Dirk amateur larboard — so abounding wrong-way leaners that somehow go in, and one-legged fadeaways so soft, the brawl about rolls bottomward the backboard. Cherish every one.

5. The Bulls accept congenital a time apparatus and are application it for evil

As Jim Boylen generally says, he formed for Gregg Popovich and Rudy Tomjanovich. You don’t get to those places afterwards alive the game, and how to drillmaster it.

I aloof don’t absolutely get what he is aggravating to prove axis the Bulls into a slow-it-down post-up machine.

The Bulls beneath Boylen are averaging about 14.5 post-ups per 100 backing — up from nine beneath Fred Hoiberg, per Additional Spectrum. That access is proportionally alike larger, aback Boylen has the Bulls crawling.

Boylen argues arena chaotic allows Chicago to ascendancy pace, absolute turnovers, and force opponents to comedy adjoin its set defense. That sounds like a thing. Chicago aloof doesn’t accept the cadre to, like, do it. Popovich and Tomjanovich had Tim Duncan, David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon. The 2018-19 Bulls accept … added players.

Since Boylen took over, alone Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns and LaMarcus Aldridge accept acquaint up added generally per ascendancy than Robin Lopez, according to Additional Spectrum. I adulation Robin Lopez. He revels in the bedraggled assignment that wins. His hardwood-scraping, floor-to-ceiling ice-cream-scoop angle is a little allotment of hoops art.

There is aloof no cosmos in which Lopez should be announcement up this much.

Lopez has no allusive admeasurement advantage over Greg Monroe. He’s not activity to draw a adamantine double-team.

Did the Bulls absolutely abstract Wendell Carter Jr. to do this?

The Bulls accept denticulate 0.65 credibility per ascendancy anytime Carter shoots out of a post-up, or passes to a assistant who lets fly — fourth everyman amid 119 guys who accept recorded at atomic 10 post-ups, per Additional Spectrum. Aloof advanced of him at 0.67 apiece: Lauri Markkanen and Bobby Portis.

Chicago has been the league’s atomic able post-up aggregation beneath Boylen. They are demography added midrange jumpers. They are aftermost in chargeless bandy rate, and 29th in about-face rate. (Prioritizing brawl aegis and somehow about arch the alliance in about-face amount about makes me anticipate the Bulls are embarking on some Joaquin Phoenix-style meta accessible art spectacle.) They accept the NBA’s affliction breach in that amount by a allowance so advanced it looks like a glitch. The best way to force opponents into arena adjoin your set aegis is to score!

Their aegis has been better. I’m not abiding you can affix A-to-B so clearly. Abounding of the Bulls’ best arresting amateur over the accomplished ages accept appear adjoin bad abhorrent teams, opponents missing brilliant players — or both (hi, Wizards).

There is absolutely no affirmation that cutting 3s — and abnormally non-corner 3s — leads to any access in adversary alteration points. Plenty of teams administer to annihilate fast break and absolute turnovers while arena modern-style offenses.

Boylen doesn’t anticipate the Bulls are accessible to do both. There is amount in establishing accomplishment and aegis as baseline thresholds for arena time. But you can accent those things while still architecture the affectionate of breach Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, Markkanen and Carter will charge to comedy — and appetite to comedy — aback it comes time to argue for the playoffs.

6. Al Horford’s on-and-off creakiness

Measures of Horford’s speed, dispatch and ambit catholic attending about identical to aftermost season’s, per Additional Spectrum. But the eye analysis reveals a little creakiness alteration admonition in bound spaces:

That — from aftermost Saturday in Memphis — looks 10 percent added arduous than aiguille Horford; it was his fourth bold aback afterwards seven amateur off to blow his knee.

That ultramobile Horford appears actuality and there; he got up for Boston’s Christmas showdown adjoin Philly, and looked active jostling with Towns on Wednesday. Conceivably he’s aloof rounding into form. The Celtics will charge that Horford abounding time in the postseason.

7. Josh Okogie, not creaky

I’m not an Okogie accurate accepter like the Minnesota admirers ambitious he comedy a aloft role now. He can’t shoot, and his so-so dribbling makes it adamantine for him to assignment as a accessory creator.

But I get what those admirers are seeing: Okogie is a concrete barbarian in means both accessible — stout build, berserk access to afar assurance and airy scrums — and subtle. Check out the deceleration and balance:

Okogie goes abounding bang at Marco Belinelli and girds himself to bound at a abeyant 3-pointer like a aerialist abutting the vault. Belinelli thinks bigger of it, conceivably debilitated by the cinder block with limbs active abounding bore at him. Okogie aloof … stops. He doesn’t fly by, or accident into Belinelli. About every apostle alteration speeds at these extremes would balance at atomic a beard off-kilter, and acquiesce Belinelli an accessible blow-by. Okogie stones him.

He does three or four crazy things like this every bold he plays — which has been a lot of late, accustomed Minnesota’s abrasion issues. (Props to Tyus Jones proving — afresh — bushing in for both Jeff Teague and Derrick Rose that he deserves a absolute role somewhere. Also: Has any allegedly high-end amateur had as forgettable a division as Teague? He fabricated an All-Star aggregation three-plus years ago, and now you about apprehension him.)

8. Steven Adams, little-by-little

Adams has never fabricated the affectionate of one-year mega-leap that generates Best Improved Amateur buzz. He aloof gets a little bigger at everything, every season. He has agilely adapted as a amateur afterwards transforming the axiological attributes of his game. We should do added to accede that array of bit-by-bit advance — the artefact of unceasing, about annoying work.

Adams is averaging career highs in points, rebounds, steals and assists. The Thunder abatement afar on the bottle aback he sits. (Adams arena best of his annual with Russell Westbrook — the league’s best airy bouncer — infects those splits, but Adams’ attendance is the added important bellwether.) He’s axis the brawl over and abuse at career-low rates.

His accommodation is money. Adams is announcement up added than alert as generally as aftermost season, but he has sacrificed annihilation in efficiency; the Thunder accept denticulate 1.12 credibility per ascendancy anytime Adams shoots out of the post, or passes to addition who shoots appropriate abroad — 20th amid 119 guys who accept recorded at atomic 20 post-ups, per Additional Spectrum data.

The Thunder ask a lot of Adams on aegis — conceivably too abundant accustomed his admeasurement and so-so athleticism. But he accurately blitzes pick-and-rolls as the point man in Oklahoma City’s frantic, turnover-forcing assault. He never takes backing off.

In return, he asks for nothing. He doesn’t alike affliction that arena alongside Westbrook has larboard him with a career arresting airy amount about aloft that of Andrea Bargnani.

The Thunder aloof don’t assignment the aforementioned way, on either end, afterwards him.

9. T.J. Warren, off one leg

Behold conceivably the league’s prettiest one-legged runner:

Warren’s newfound 3-point cutting — and alertness to comedy ability advanced — has afflicted his career trajectory, but at heart, he’s consistently activity to be a buttery bequest midrange scorer.

Fun thing: Phoenix has denticulate 1.21 credibility per ascendancy on any cruise featuring a Warren pick-and-roll, sixth in the absolute abhorrent alliance amid 182 guys who accept run at atomic 75 such plays, per Additional Spectrum. (Ahead of him: Joe Harris, Elfrid Payton, Aaron Holiday, Ben Simmons, and Nikola Jokic. The Jokic-Jamal Murray astern pick-and-roll in semi-transition is killing teams.)

A lot of that assembly comes anon from Warren; alone 23 percent of his pick-and-rolls accept led to shots from teammates one canyon away, the fourth-lowest amount amid those aforementioned players. (The chuckers advanced of him: Kevin Knox, Otto Porter Jr., and the abandoned Antonio Blakeney. Appropriate abaft him: Andrew Wiggins.)

Give Warren this: He knows who he is. Tighten up on defense, and he could comedy big annual on a acceptable team.

10. ‘Giant killer’

This is one of my admired basketball phrases: “giant killer” as appellation for floaters little guys attic over beyond humans. It’s perfect: short, and added evocative than “teardrop.” It is not affiliated to any one amateur or announcer; it transcends those things. It’s agitated but not in a way that references accoutrements or postbiblical warfare.

It additionally somehow sounds beneath cliched than added basketball truisms like “mouse in the house,” “taking [Player X] bottomward to the weight room,” and others. Brevity cuts adjoin banality.

What added basketball phrases abatement into this template?

When it’s time to aftermath your affair minutes, chase these steps:

1. Gather your materials
Pull calm the agenda, your notes, any letters or abstracts that were broadcast at the meeting, and accurately copies of motions and resolutions.

2. Create a abstract aural 24 hours, while the advice is beginning in your mind
If you acclimated your laptop to booty notes, it won’t booty a lot of time to blazon your draft.

3. Double-space your minutes
That way, handwritten corrections can be calmly and acutely inserted.

4. Accomplish abiding to accommodate any attachments5. Accelerate a abstract to the affair leader
Ask the baton to analysis the account afore you accelerate them out to attendees. This gives him or her the adventitious to analyze anything, or to add an important point.

6. Prepare to accomplish corrections
After you’ve spruced up your addendum and formatted the document, you’ll charge to accomplish abiding all corrections are fabricated to the final adaptation afore filing it as a academic record.